Staff at The Clifton spill the beans for charity

Siana Palmer, left, and Charlotte Jordan, right, are feeling full of beans

Baked beans will definitely be off the menu in future for two members of staff at a popular Sedgley pub.

Because, to raise money for children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent, Siana Palmer and Charlotte Jordan, who both work at Wetherspoon pub, The Clifton, spent five hours sharing a bathtub full of the tasty tinned dish.

“I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t actually like baked beans,” joked Charlotte, who, along with Siana, took the plunge into tomato sauce at 12 noon on Tuesday, August 30.

Despite their pulse predicament, the two girls spent until 5pm that day happily chatting to customers, friends and family members, while other members of staff brought them ample supplies of chocolates and magazines to make their fundraising feat a little more bearable.

Preparing for the event was tricky, since, unsurprisingly, neither of the two had ever sat in a bathtub full of beans before.

“I was getting ready thinking ‘what on Earth should I wear for this?'” explained Siana, “and, in the end, I decided the most important thing was a pair of socks so my feet didn’t get cold!”

However, despite wearing socks, both girls said the bath, which took 46 2.62 kg tins of baked beans to fill, felt decidedly chilly after five hours spent sitting in it. And, instead of a hot shower, the girls had a cold jet wash to look forward to at the end of their ordeal.

“I figured we’d already be cold, so getting blasted with icy water wouldn’t really make too much difference,” said Charlotte.

The event, which raised £57 in total, was part of a fundraising fortnight held at the pub to raise money for CLIC Sargent.

Organiser Janine Jordan, team leader at The Clifton, said that during their first hour immersed in beans, Charlotte and Siana had already raised £15, while the amount raised through other events at the pub was now more than £1,000.

The fun continues throughout the week, with a variety of other events including a paranormal supper on Wednesday, August 31, from 7pm.


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