Why Sedgley lens itself so well to stunning photographs

Sandyfield herd - a stunning photograph showing the local landscape at its best.

When looking at this stunning image, many viewers could be forgiven for thinking it was taken on the plains of Arizona or some equally distant, romantic location.

Yet, this glorious picture was, in fact, taken in Sedgley and demonstrates the perfect panorama and wonders of nature available to local residents.

Lee Seabridge has lived in Sedgley for more than 20 years, but is constantly amazed by the stunning landscapes and nature on his doorstep.

He says: ” Being able to walk out of my front door and take a few snaps on a sunny evening or a frosty morning makes me feel privileged to live in such a fabulous area. We have everything an amateur photographer could wish for – distant vistas, a huge variety of wildlife and historic sites. I hope people enjoy looking at my photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!”

And, after looking at these highly impressive photographs, readers of Sedgleyscene are sure to agree that local residents really are surrounded by stunning scenery which it’s sometimes easy to take for granted.

In the near future, Lee hopes to find suitable premises locally for a gallery in which to show his work and feature other pieces by local artists.

“There are so many creative people living in an around Sedgley,” he adds. “Having somewhere to show all our work would be a real boost to the town and make more people aware of the wonderful sights and sounds we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by.”

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