Sedgley Residents Invited To Share Memories In The Jubilee Time Capsule

As the nation looks forward to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations from Saturday, June 2 until Tuesday, June 5, Sedgley residents are being invited to share their memories as part of the Jubilee Time Capsule (JTC), a unique project organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society.

As part of the initiative, people are invited to upload their pictures and memories from any day in the last 60 years. Although the capsule will contain high-profile events and images that helped shape history, the organisers of the project also want people to come forward with their personal stories too.

It is hoped the JTC will give a fascinating insight into the lives of people all across the globe during the Queen’s reign and provide an invaluable resource for future generations.

Sedgley residents can now become a part of history as they upload their own memorable events, such as birthdays, weddings, previous Jubilee street parties and many more.

Watch the video to find out how to participate, or visit the Jubilee Time Capsule website to read all about this groundbreaking project.


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