About Sedgleyscene

Welcome 🙂

There’s a lot going in our little village and this site has been set up in recognition of the need for what’s termed ‘hyperlocal news’ – in other words, news about YOUR area and nowhere else.

Although in its early stages, we at Sedgleyscene believe everyone can benefit from featuring on this site and are confident this will grow to become an invaluable resource for the local community.

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19 thoughts on “About Sedgleyscene

  1. Welcome to the hyperlocal world Sedgley!

    Looking forward to seeing how this site develops, hope to see you on Twitter and Facebook as in our experience it’s well worth building a following on both!

  2. Bernard DEQUEKER says:

    Très intéressant site, cela me donne envie de découvrir cette petite ville sympathique et vivante. Même en France “Sedgley hyperlocal” est suivi.
    Bon développement du site et longue vie.

  3. Good stuff Chris. If you are interested in more than local ads on the site and the Google adsense account is proving difficult (its hard to make much unless you have very high traffic anyway) you might like to try addiply instead and perhaps amazon’s and others associates and affiliate programmes – unless you think that might be a bit too commercial.
    Another good way to drive traffic might be to have a links section on the site and then asking those sites you link to to link back to you. This may be suggesting you suck eggs. However, more power to your elbow. If you want any more info email me.
    Best Regards
    Jim Barrow

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback, Jim. It was great seeing you the other day and I hope you enjoyed the exhibition as much as I did.
      Your advice is always appreciated, so I’ll be in touch if and when I need more guidance. Likewise, if I can help you in any way, just shout. All the best, Chris

  4. Hi
    I am so pleased to have discovered a hyperlocal website in Dudley Borough! I love your site, the photos are fantastic, and it’s great to seeuo to date news and information about local businesses.

    I’m involved in running social media surgeries to support local activists to set up hyperlocal sites and local groups and clubs to network online. If you are available to share your expertise in a very informal setting we’d warmly welcome you, or if you know anyone looking for support do send them our way. Details here: http://socialmediasurgery.com/surgeries/dudley-cvs We’ll be moving sessions around the Borough in 2012, so let us know if there’s a good venue we could use for free in Sedgley (we can bring mifi).

    1. Hi Lorna,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m so glad you like the site – although it’s only been going since July, it’s already attracted a great deal of attention and will hopefully grow to become an invaluable resource for Sedgley residents.
      I’d be more than happy to share my experience at one of your social media sessions. Let me know times and dates and I can look around for a suitable venue for us.
      Kind regards,
      Chris Davies.

  5. Chris, we’ve just added a FixMyStreet link in the Community section of tettenhall.co.uk. Might be worth considering for SedgleyScene too, What do you reckon?

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