Sedgley Brockswood Vikings Need Your Help to Set Sail

Members of Sedley Viking Combat/Reenactment Group, Hrafn Vaeringi
Members of Sedley Viking Combat/Reenactment Group, Hrafn Vaeringi

A Sedgley Viking combat and reenactment group is appealing to local businesses and individuals to help its members build a historic settlement at the much-loved Brockswood Animal Sanctuary in Catholic Lane.

The group, called Hrafn Vaeringi, are currently in the process of building a fascinating Viking village settlement. However, as member Amelia Greenhill explains:

“We have done this so far by reusing/reclaiming materials on site or buying new out of our club funds, but we are now running out of supplies fast.

“I know it’s a difficult time financially for many at the minute, but literally any help would be appreciated. I am asking local businesses if they can either donate materials such as feather boards to make roof shingles, nails, planking similar to palette planks, any wood lengths, roof lathes etc.

“Alternatively, people could donate to our Go Fund Me page (there’s also a link at bottom of this article).

Members of Hrafn Vaeringi Working on Their Viking Settlement at Brockwood

“We are trying to get the build finished as soon as possible as we are hoping it is going to bring in some much needed funds to the sanctuary once completed. As you all may be aware, Brockswood has been highly affected by the Covid-19 lockdown – both financially and from the theft of three of their sheep and two turkeys which left them devastated.

“We will be holding Viking-themed open days to show how everyday life would have been back then, forging demonstrations and battles etc to try and transform the settlement into an informative, interactive attraction.

“If businesses are able to donate supplies once the village is complete, we will be having a ‘built with the help of’ thank-you board on display to which a small advertisement/plug can be placed for your businesses.”

Brockswood Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation based at the bottom of Catholic Lane in Sedgley, West Midlands. Staff here care for and rehabilitate sick, injured, abused and in many cases abandoned and unwanted animals; giving them a safe and happy ‘Forever Home’, while also endeavouring to restore and renovate the ‘Cotwall End’ site.

You can also read more about Hrafn Vaeringi on their Facebook page.