Local photographer Lisa steps back in time

One of the friendly horses in the fields which run either side of Turls Hill Bridleway

Walking down this tranquil country lane, pausing to look at the horses in the rolling fields which lie either side, it’s hard to believe this bridleway is only a short distance from the stream of traffic on Tipton Road.

The Turls Hill bridleway, which local historians believe dates back to before 1600, was restored to its former glory in spring 2009, after The Woodsetton Charitable Trust secured more than £90,000 in grants for land drainage, surface reinstatement, fencing and hedge cultivation.

It runs along the boundary between the old villages of Woodsetton and Ettingshall.

Last winter, local photographer Lisa Wilkes captured this historic route in a series of impressive shots which show the landscape in all its frozen beauty.

She says: “The restoration of this bridleway is superb and the cold conditions last winter made for some great sunsets. I’m looking forward to getting down there again soon to capture all the wonderful colours of autumn.”

As well as Turls Hill bridleway, Sedgley-based Lisa has also captured come of the area’s other historic sites, including Himley Hall and Dudley Castle, taken while she attended one of the town’s famous ghost tours.

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