Beacon Hotel dog ban rubs owners up the wrong way

The Beacon Hotel is calling time on dog owners who take their canine companions to the pub

For years, this historic Sedgley pub has been a popular place for local dog owners to relax with their four-legged friends while enjoying a pint of real ale brewed on the premises.

However, that might all be about to change after John Hughes, owner of the Beacon Hotel and the Sarah Hughes brewery, announced a complete ban on any canine companions from the end of October – a move which has angered many dog owners.

One regular and dog owner, Julie Caswell, from Coseley, says: “I’m gutted that they’ve decided to ban dogs from the pub – it’s more custom for the Stump (Mount Pleasant) then. How very short-sighted Mr Hughes!”

The Beacon Hotel, Sedgley

According to staff at the Beacon, the ban is due to concerns about furniture getting damaged and the safety of other customers and their children. It follows on from an incident last year, when a regular and his dog, Toby, were barred after damage was allegedly caused to plants in the Victorian pub’s conservatory.

As part of the ban, dogs will not be allowed inside the pub or outside in the beer garden – something which many people feel could result in the pub losing a great deal of trade.

“It’s no more Surprise for us sadly,” adds Julie, lamenting the fact she and her partner will no longer be able to enjoy the pub’s popular ales, which include Pale Amber, Surprise bitter and the famous Dark Ruby Mild.  “It’s just a shame responsible dog owners have to suffer because of a minority who can’t control their dogs.”

Are you a local dog owner and regular of the Beacon Hotel? What do you think of the ban?

Get in touch and share your views with us here at Sedgleyscene.

10 thoughts on “Beacon Hotel dog ban rubs owners up the wrong way

  1. Neb says:

    Its a ridiculous situation, john has final word on everything in the pub yet he’s only in there a couple of hours a week, even then rarely when the pub is open. Alex and her team are doing an amazing job with the pub and I know theat they’ll be the ones that get it in the neck over this utterly stupid decision on johns behalf…. Although those of you that have worked for him will probably know that he often makes stupid decisions. John needs a serious wake up call on how to run a business, here’s hopeing he gets one this time.

  2. victoria perry says:

    To whom to may concern. (Letter to local paper)

    Pup’s left with nowehere to sup’

    I wish to inform you if a local story that may be of interest to you. As a dog owner and regular visitor of the Beacon Hotel in Sedgley me and my family were amazed to see notices recently placed around the pub stating dogs will no longer be welcome in the pub from 26/10/2011.

    I am unable to recall a time when the Beacon hotel didn’t allow dogs! it has always been such a great community pub, always putting the customers needs first. Speaking with other regulars in the pub they are left furious about this sudden change of heart and they can’t understand why so many changes are occurring now, especially having received a runners up prize in 2011 for the best pub nationally.

    Alot of people with dogs are now looking to boycott the pub and start a petition in order to reinstate this unfair rule.

  3. Joanne Beardsmore says:

    My family have been using the Beacon Hotel for many years and have lots of happy memories with our family, friends and dogs. We will no longer be visiting the Beacon Hotel and am sure we will find another pub to spend our hard earned cash. Myself and my husband were the owner of Toby (the 17 yr old blind dog that was barred from the Beacon last year). We unfortunately lost him in February of this year. He was barred for apparently having a little “tinkle” in the kids room – which was immediately cleaned up. All dogs are now to be banned from 31st October due to one owner allowing its dog to chew the furniture in the lounge area. Why couldn’t a ban be given to the dog and owner which apparently was responsible for this? I’m glad in a recession that Mr Hughes can afford to take a drop in his takings!!!

    1. Hi Joanne,
      Many thanks for getting in touch. So sorry to hear about Toby – I remember him well, especially the way he’d always start barking when he wanted to go home from the pub! The ban on dogs at the Beacon has certainly got local people talking – whether or not it will result in a change of heart remains to be seen, but I’ll endeavour to bring you news of any decision first. Kind regards, Chris.

  4. Helen Cooper says:

    I think it is very unfair to ban dogs from The Beacon. I have been a regular to the pub for the last 15 years and can see no benefit in enforcing this ban. I think this is a sad day for the pub. I cannot understand why anyone would chose to alienate so many of their regular customers in this way. Bad times!

  5. Jacqui Prosser says:

    Me and my family have been regulars in the Beacon for several years and since having our two dogs we have often taken them up there for a pint! We have always liked going up there especially because we could take the dogs and also because there were also lots of other people with dogs.
    I can’t say I’m surprised about the dog ban .. knowing Johnny Beacon, his customers opinions are way down his list of priorities. Having read the article in tonights “Star” .. Mr Hughes is quoted as saying that the ban is due to several “serious complaints”. Anyone who goes in the Beacon regularly knows this is a load of rubbish!!!
    I just think its a terrible shame for alot of the customers who go in there for a pint or two with their four legged friends who aren’t able to do this anymore .. in particular some of the older ones who are now going to feel isolated.
    Several of our friends from the Beacon who are also dog owners are similarly dismayed at this blanket ban and I hope that, like me, they will be giving the Beacon a wide berth and with any luck Mr Hughes takings will plummet and he will reconsider!
    I won’t hold my breath though!!!

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