How dog owners can enjoy bonfire night without the fireworks

Fireworks can be stressful for dogs, but thankfully, Dogs Trust is here to help

At this time of year, many families look  forward to spectacular firework displays, crackling bonfires and sizzling sparklers as they celebrate Diwali and remember, remember the fifth of November.

However, the celebrations can often be a nightmare for pet owners as they struggle to keep their four-legged friends calm amid the booms, bangs and whizzes of fireworks being let off in their neighbourhoods.

Thankfully, canine welfare charity, Dogs Trust, has the answer, with a handy assortment of free resources available on a new website set up specifically for this time of year.

The site, , features a wide range of advice to help keep canines calm and ensure everyone has a restful night.

Dogs Trust experts, Karen, Muriel and Debbie, have  designed the guide using the best advice and tips available to make sure that fireworks become non-threatening, fear of fireworks becomes avoidable and best of all, fireworks become an enjoyable part of everyone’s lives.

The site features a free MP3 of fireworks noise, which dog owners can use to train their pet to associate fireworks noise with fun. It can be played directly from a computer, exported to an MP3 player or burned onto a CD.

Alternatively, pet owners can play the website’s video to help familiarise their dog with the sights and sounds of fireworks.

Although these resources are free, Dogs Trust asks for a small donation if possible to help them continue their vital work.


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