New Sedgley beauty spot sign ruined by vandals

The vandalised sign on Turls Hill Bridleway

For centuries, the tranquil surroundings of Turls Hill Bridleway have provided pleasure for countless numbers of Sedgley residents. Recently, however, a new information sign put up along this idyllic thoroughfare has been ruined by vandals, angering local residents who fear the historic footpath is also attracting anti-social behaviour.

In 2009, The Woodsetton Charitable Trust secured funding of more than £90,000 to restore the bridleway to its former glory. The sign, the latest addition to a wide range of improvements along the historic path, was intended to inform visitors and local residents about the fascinating history of Turls Hill Bridleway, which it is believed dates back to the 17th century. Yet, less than a week after being installed, this useful source of information has been defaced with graffiti and has had its glass smashed.

Jacqui Prosser is one of many dog-walkers who regularly use the bridleway and was shocked at her recent discovery. She says: “The sign was only erected last week.  Imagine my shock and disgust when I walked my dogs up through the woods yesterday to find that it has been totally wrecked!


“Some mindless idiots have smashed the glass and sprayed graffiti all over it – you can hardly read the map now as there’s black spray paint all over it. I’m not sure who was responsible for putting the sign up but, as a local resident who walks up through the wood most days, I thought it was a great idea – it’s nice for the locals and ‘tourists’ to learn a bit about the history of the area.

“I’m well aware that this part of Sedgley has more than its fair share of anti-social behaviour and on many occasions, while out walking my two dogs, I’ve come across gangs of youths up to no good.  But, I was truly shocked by this wanton vandalism.”

Jacqui has emailed Dudley Council about the damage, but is angry and saddened by what appears to be a senseless attack on a local beauty spot.

She adds: “It’s such a shame this has happened, as Turls Hill Bridleway is such a picturesque part of Sedgley.”

What are your views on Turls Hill Bridleway? Is anti-social behaviour in this area getting worse? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.


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